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Clear Lift

At Vita Nova Aesthetics and Hormone Replacement, we pride ourselves in providing the best Skin Resurfacing and cosmetic services in San Antonio. Whether you are looking for skin rejuvenating non-ablative skin resurfacing to treat fine lines, wrinkles and Photoaging, the latest IPL technology for Melasma or Rosacea, RF Micro-Needling for acne scarring and stretchmarks, want a tattoo removed or simply want all of your body hair removed, at Vita Nova Aesthetics and Hormone Replacement, our mission is to help you achieve a youthful, glowing skin.

What is Clear Lift?

ClearLift is an innovative technology that combines two different technologies and gently resurfaces the skin by boosting the skin’s production of collagen which helps reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

How does Clear Lift work?

Developed by Alma Lasers. an industry leader in the production of laser technology, ClearLift combines the laser energy of the non-ablative Yag with the Pixel Q Switch 1064 nm. The combination of these technologies allows the energy to reach the deeper layer of the subcutaneous tissue where collagen is produced (about 3mm deep) and enhance its production which leads to improvement in the tone and elasticity of the skin without affecting the outer layer (dermis) of the skin making it as n ideal treatment to have done during  your lunch hour as it causes no downtime, requires no anesthesia and best of all, leaves no visible external marks

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Who can be treated with Clear Lift?

Although aging is one of the more common reasons for decreased collagen production and loss of skin tone, it is not the only cause. Chronic inflammatory states such as acne or recurrent sun exposure can lead to a decrease in collagen synthesis which can ultimately lead to a loss in skin tonicity. Because of this, Patients of any age could potentially benefit from treatments with a clear lift. Additionally, clear lift is one of the few therapies that has been deemed to be safe on all skin types

How many treatments will I need?

It is important to understand that the results with the Clear Lift are not seen immediately. This is mainly due to the reason that collagen production is a gradual process, with tightening and lifting seen over the course of several weeks Following initiation of therapy, as collagen builds up, improvements in the skin tonicity and texture will become more noticeable. Most patients typically require between three and six treatments however, the number of treatments recommended will depend on how much damage is present at the time of initial evaluation. Following completion of treatment, most patients benefit from maintenance treatments every 3 to 6 months in order to maintain their results.

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Clear Lift

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