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Internal Medicine

At Vita Nova Aesthetics and Hormone Replacement, we provide internal medicine services by an ABIM Board-Certified Physician as a benefit within our hormone replacement therapy. This is what sets us apart from many Hormone Replacement Clinics in San Antonio because our clinic is 100% Physician managed.  So whether you are simply need management of chronic medical conditions, medically assisted weight loss or suffering from sexual dysfunction, Vita Nova Aesthetics and Hormone Replacement can meet your needs.

Internal Medicine

Have you ever wished you could have better access to your doctor? 

Vita Nova Aesthetics and Hormone Replacement offers Concierge Medicine services to patients undergoing Hormone Replacement provided by Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician Dr Francisco Cardona MD. 


Our Internal Medicine service include:

  • Annual Physical Exam 

  • Management of chronic medical problems

  • In-office or Virtual physician visits

  • Pre-operative assessments

  • Preventive Care counseling

  • Weight loss management 

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Referrals to sub-specialist 

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There is a difference between being on a diet and having a healthy diet. 

Do you know the difference?

Benefits of Concierge Medicine versus Regular Physician Practices
Concierge Physician Practice

  • Minimal in-office wait time

  • Access to YOUR doctor via phone, text or email

  • Relaxed, comfortable office atmosphere

  • Flexible office hours for visits

  • Simple fee for services provided

Regular Physician Practice

  • May wait an hour or more in-office

  • Rarely able to speak to your physician between office visits

  • Busy office with stressed-out or hurried staff

  • Rigid office hours

  • Uncertain cost

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Internal Medicine

Fit-Life MD Weight-Loss

Medical Weight-Loss

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Sexual Dysfunction

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