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Sexual Dysfunction

At Vita Nova Aesthetics and Hormone Replacement, we provide internal medicine services by an ABIM Board-Certified Physician as a benefit within our hormone replacement therapy. This is what sets us apart from many Hormone Replacement Clinics in San Antonio because our clinic is 100% Physician managed.  So whether you are simply need management of chronic medical conditions, medically assisted weight loss or suffering from sexual dysfunction, Vita Nova Aesthetics and Hormone Replacement can meet your needs.

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is described as either erectile dysfunction or erectile disorder especially in man and in women, has vaginal dryness and or anorgasmia which often leads to unsatisfactory or less than optimal sexual encounters.


Is it Erectile Dysfunction or Erectile Dissatisfaction? 

Did you know that most men do not suffer from Erectile Dysfunction but instead suffer from Erectile Dissatisfaction. Whereas Erectile Dysfunction is the consistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sex, and even during masturbation; Erectile dissatisfaction occurs while comparing your current erection to that of your younger self and feeling like your erection isn’t quite what it once was. This could be because either your erection isn’t as firm or that it doesn’t rise as quickly as it used to or both.



The Female equivalent is Called Female Sexual Dysfunction

In Women, Female sexual dysfunction can occur at any stage of life. It is defined as the inability to obtain proper arousal and orgasm during sex and it affects up to 75% of menopausal women however, younger populations may also present with this problem.

The gold standard technology for treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction


Vita Nova Aesthetics and Hormone Replacement offers the latest technology in the treatment of Sexual Dysfunction. The Alma Duo is an in-office, aesthetic treatment that uses gold standard shock wave technology, focused low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT), clinically validated to stimulate better blood flow and restore natural sexual performance in both men and women – bringing spontaneity back to your life.


Ready at any time

How does LI-EWST work?

The peak pressure exerts direct mechanical stress. This shear stress sets off a cascade of wound healing responses that induces neovascularization and angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) to restore better blood flow and natural function to the treatment site.

Unlike other shock wave technologies Alma Duo’s patented electrohydraulic applicator is designed to reach in deeper depths (135mm) with 3X fewer pulses and lower energy to effectively treat not just the penile shaft but the penile crus – where 50% of the cavernous bodies that comprise the corpora cavernosa is located.


The restorative properties of Alma Duo’s focused LI-EWST has been clinically validated, with the most studies published studies dating back to 2010 that includes hundreds of male patients around the world.

Benefits of Alma Duo

  • Always up for it:
    Helps restores natural function to be ready to go at any time

  • No Downtime:
    15 min treatment with no recovery time

  • Baby Don’t Hurt Me:
    Non-Surgical, no injections, no need for topical anesthetic, no pills, completely painless

  • Keep Going and Going:
    Majority of patients enjoy the benefits of the treatment at least 18 months post final treatment

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Sexual Dysfunction

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